While blue skies and bright sunshine drifted day in and day out past our living room window, we were cooped up inside for most of last week, bemoaning the fact that Raspberry had been inflicted with an unknown malicious virus that rendered her terribly incapacitated. We had an suspicion that she might’ve picked it up in Manchester over the weekend, but it was impossible to tell. It was the first time she’d ever been that sick, sleeping for hours on end, so it was more than a little frightening. What I thought would be a twenty-four hour malaise ended up stretching to almost a week. When it showed no signs of abating, Lucas took a day off to help out and we called the doctor, who agreed to see her at an emergency after-hours appointment. Languidly and clad in her pajamas, she made the walk to the clinic, described all her symptoms to the doctor with Lucas barely saying a word, and was diagnosed with a virus that had made feverish, her inner ear swollen, gave her a headache and stomachache, made her throat wickedly sore, made her puke once the day before, and diminished her appetite to stomaching little more than some apple, clementine, toast and (this is unheard of) lots of water.

Having Lucas around even for a day proved to be a godsend, as I was able to take a stir-crazy Ares away from the four walls of our apartment for a few hours (we ended up going to the library). Lucas was able to attend to Raspberry a lot more than I could with Ares (the first day she was sick, every time I went into the bedroom to check on her, she kept freaking out that Ares was going to climb onto her bed even when he wasn’t). All the sleeping Raspberry was doing enabled me to have one-on-one time with Ares, a rarity most, if not, all days. I attempted to teach him to make marks on paper but failed miserably as he couldn’t seem to get the hang of which end of the pencil would have to make contact with the paper. Regardless, it gave me time to draw and while he napped, I got the chance to write, something that I’ve let fall to the wayside lately. Despite the napping (only once a day, unfortunately), I think being at home made Ares restless and manic and bed-time was more than a challenge for him. By eight o’clock most of those days, I was exasperated and ready to pull a Homer Simpson-style neck-wringing.

Mid-week, it appeared as if it wasn’t going to be a protracted illness, as for the first time in over two days, Raspberry emerged from her bed to read and was laughing at my dorkiness. However by the afternoon, she was back in bed. When it seemed like Raspberry was doing much better, we went out briefly to the library on Thursday and she seemed all right there, reading her new Naughtiest Girl book, but the trip home proved tough for her. She was determined to see the giant ants at The Lowry in Manchester before the exhibition closed on the weekend, so we headed there on Friday. While she enjoyed it, being sick was still taking a toll on her and she slept both ways on the train and the tram. Despite still feeling cruddy, she was similarly determined to make it to the launch of Cass Art, a new art supply store in town. Contrary to the weather forecast, it drizzled cold rain and that exacerbated her misery. Upon returning home, she crashed on the couch for the rest of the afternoon. She seemed much better upon awaking and our dinner hour was spent drawing rabbits over slurping sweet potato soup.

After almost a week of her roller-coastering illness, Raspberry was finally all better on Sunday, just in time to enjoy a cold, sunny day at a craft fair where she planted some cress seeds in a pot she decorated with a face, and for us to enjoy some not-very-chocolatey hot chocolate. Lucas arrived home from a weekend of refereeing in Kettering to an excited, generally well, but tired kid.

I did miss Raspberry’s presence after even the first two days of her illness, but I will admit that I very quickly got used to the extra time I had to myself, so much so that this week, I’ve had to remind myself that I have two active kids and that I can’t just sit down and post-process images and write for an hour. Ah well. I may not be glad for that or for the typical whininess that comes with Raspberry, but I’m glad she’s healthy again.


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  1. you talk about your husband staying home as a godsend, which strikes me as odd. If you have a sick child shouldn’t he be there and making provisions, or fighting for those provisions?

    Is he around much? I know he studies. Sorry I am in judgement mode… he seems so absent from much of your commentary and work as a parent. Are you a stay at home mum? Is that your current arrangement?

    I am sorry. I have other friends with kids and it is oftn the woman who sacrifices her time and her space for the family and kids with little to no respite, while the man’s contribution is lauded and his need to be away from the family is necessary to succeed and go forward in his career and needs.

    you dont need to reply to me at all. i understand i am sounding rude.

    May 12, 2015 at 2:34 pm

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