christmas in nottingham (IV)

We woke up the day after it snowed on Boxing Day and much to our surprise (and for some, glee), there was still snow. Lucas had been sure it would melt as he thought the ground wasn’t frozen. So much for that. What else is there to do if there’s still snow, except to go out and play in it? Not me though. I stayed inside, where it was nice and warm and dry.

The kids filled buckets with snow and threw giant chunks of snow at each other. They also poured handfuls of snow on top of one another. From an adult perspective, it didn’t look very enjoyable but Raspberry assured me it most certainly was. Okay then.

Aurelie has such a fantastic house and puts some much love into making it a home. Her room is no different, full of little trinkets and personal touches. It’s wonderful and inspires me to do more with our own apartment (I’d never really liked the apartments where we’ve lived and as such, never quite bothered to add the little things that would make it warm and homely).

I love this wall of postcards and other images. I used to have a wall like that back when I was in university.

The cat hangs out in quiet spaces, safe from the commotion generated by rowdy children.

Lucas and Aurelie spent the afternoon playing board games, as the kids amused themselves with something or other upstairs. Ares seemed bored, as we’d been inside all day. Nothing seemed to calm him, so I decided to venture out into the cold, snowy streets for a walk. Not that I actually tried, but I couldn’t convince anyone to trade the warm confines of the house for snow and ice.

It was refreshing being out of the house. The sidewalks were terribly icy, since no one shovelled, so I walked on the road, seeking out the snowy, slushy bits on the side. It was just like being back in Canada again. At one point, there was a bus right behind me, but the driver patiently waited for me to hop onto the sidewalk.

I walked down the main road, where there are lots of charity shops selling wares much cheaper than the ones I frequent in the Liverpool city centre. I found a Tintin book in French for Aurelie’s kids and for Ares, I got a wooden toy where you have to move pegs along various paths. The charity shop where I got the wooden toy had closed in the time it took me to see it, wander up the street, decide to get it, and return to the store. I had to knock on the door to be let in. Raspberry asked why I got such a uni-dimensional toy (because I generally refuse to buy them). I said that I figured Ares could use some age-appropriate toys, and it was really cheap and we could just pass it on when we’re done. I’m not sure if I’m entirely convinced by my own explanation.

Ares fell asleep during the walk. He was on my back so he was all flopped over. A guy working at one of the charity shops motioned to me that the baby on my back was asleep. Yeah, I know. I think people see a baby that looks like it’s half falling out of a back carrier and they freak out a little and think the person carrying said baby doesn’t know what’s happening.

I got some reduced hot cross buns from The Co-operative. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize there was cinnamon in it (Aurelie is allergic), and her kids aren’t fans of raisins in food. Oops. We brought the buns home with us and have been enjoying them for breakfast.

The windows of a bus depot.

Aurelie made me a delicious hot chocolate with hazelnut milk when I returned. How great is she?! After, we played Rummy-Q and Ares tried to grab all my tiles.

We had a late dinner, where Aurelie made couscous and a roasted butternut squash, a recipe from one of her newly-acquired cookbooks. The kids all seemed tired and it didn’t take a lot for them to go to bed (well, maybe except for Raspberry, as we had to tell her to stop reading and go to sleep). And so concludes our second last day in Nottingham. A slow day, but we all need those once in a while, don’t we?


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