and yet another

Captain’s log, day two. We’re still inside. The weather is still shitty.

Despite my best intentions to go out, the on-and-off rain and hail proved to be too much so we had another pajama day, where we had late meals and I took way too many pictures of Ares. Raspberry spent most of the morning reading in the bedroom, with dark, threatening skies overhead. There was some art-making with thick flipchart markers on A3 paper. It’s been quite a while since she’s drawn, so she really got into it, which is nice to see.

I put on a David Attenborough documentary on the deep sea for her and we marvelled at the bioluminescent creatures. I was really hoping it’d grip her attention but she only watched almost half of it before asking if she could save the rest for another day (translation: I don’t think I’ll watch this again). In the late afternoon, after I’d doodled a mouthful of sharp teeth, which she added to, we Googled different kinds of animal teeth. Except we never really got around to finding out about that because Google led us to an educational BBC site laden with games targeted at KS2 kids. She’s not typically familiar with sites like this, as she’s not often on the computer, but she wanted to explore it and ended up playing several games involving food chains, plant anatomy, the different states of matter, and reversible and irreversible changes. We talked about some of the material after, as it didn’t seem like she understood it entirely.

Raspberry wanted to go to capoeira in the evening, but I didn’t relish the thought of going out in the bad weather. Moreover, Ares was in the middle of what would become a two hour nap and the last thing I wanted to do was wake him to get him dressed in layers upon layers of clothing (that usually elicits much protesting; actually, any manner of putting on clothing is met with loud, disapproving cries). I’d previously been trying to encourage Raspberry to go to capoeira, but in this particular instance, I was being a terrible parent and trying to subtly convince her to stay home. She eventually decided against it, much to my relief, although I did feel bad for sending her conflicting messages.

Ares emerged from his two hour nap grumpy. When his naps are too short, he’s grumpy. And when they’re too long, he’s grumpy. Bah, where’s that happy medium?! He was attached to me for a good portion of the time after he woke. It’s a good thing Lucas comes home early on a Friday, or else dinner would never have been made as Ares resisted all attempts to be put down.

While Lucas made dinner and declined any help, and Ares was finally detached from me, I sifted through my postcards to find some to put up on the wall in the kitchen. I’ve been putting up some prints and postcards in the kitchen, but not being used to seeing things on the wall, I often mistake the images for something more ominous when the lights are off.

When Lucas asked me if I was going to have a shower this evening, he said I replied, “Of course I am; I’ve been inside for two days,” with a furrowed brow and a scowl. I didn’t mean to scowl. I’d like to have seen the face I made.

Tomorrow! Tomorrow, we’re definitely getting out, by hook or by crook, so I can regain some semblance to sanity and write more coherent, and with any luck, more entertaining posts!


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