a day in

It was windy and wet today so we stayed inside all day. We littered the living room floor with all manner of toys and non-toys and watched the hail bouncing off the window sill outside.

I had muesli with unsweetened soy milk for breakfast and it was so good that I had some as a midnight snack (I’ve been hungry a lot lately; I think my body is trying to tell me something).

Ares took three naps, which is the most naps he’s had in days. I was thankful.

Raspberry watched the Judy Moody movie in the late afternoon and the volume from the movie kept distracting Ares, whom I was trying to get to nap. Between doing the dishes and tending to Ares, I watched a bit of the movie. I find the Judy character in the movie somewhat annoying (I notice it’s got a 4.1 rating on IMDB. Perhaps other people think the same as I do).

We looked up the ASL signs for yes, no, up, down, again and hat. We didn’t use these signs when Raspberry was a baby.

I tried to catch Ares’ post-nap pees but wasn’t always successful. We’ve had lots of days out lately, so we haven’t EC’ed a lot so I need to get back into the habit of doing so.

Raspberry watched a video about ants building a raft, and then requested a cheetah video. I pulled up one about why a cheetah is able to run so fast. Despite the video, she’s still convinced she can run as fast, if not faster, than a cheetah. She tried running around the apartment to prove her point. She also watched a video showing lions killing a cheetah, and another where a zebra attempted to drown a predatory cheetah. I was impressed by the latter video.

I managed to finish the dishes. It’s been a challenge keeping up with the dishes lately, as it’s hard to get things done during the day because Ares gets into everything he shouldn’t. I was so motivated by the empty sink that I actually tossed some baking soda in it and cleaned it, so it’s not all spotted with food scraps and grime.

Ares and I read Sandra Boynton’s The Going to Bed Book quite a bit today. I like the way he signs “brush teeth” when the animals brush their teeth, and stretches his arms to the ceiling when the animals exercise. It’s awesome how it almost seems like suddenly, he understands so much… or really, he’s showing that he understands so much.

Raspberry ran outside to meet the mail carrier because why not? We didn’t get any mail today.

I made oatmeal for lunch because it was the best thing I could think of, and it felt like an oatmeal-for-lunch kind of day.

Ares keeps chewing the side of the Charlie and Lola Animals book. I don’t know what it is about this particular book that makes it so chewable. Maybe it’s because its edges are soft from previous chewings. For some reason, the giraffe teether doesn’t hold as much excitement for the gums as a worn book.

Raspberry took a sudden interest in the magnetic sock monkey (formerly named California). She renamed it Mandarin, because of its orange tint, and had it stuck to various metallic surfaces like the fridge and the laundry rack. She even made it a scarf out of yarn. I think this is the most she’s played with this found toy ever.

I was rather surprised that I was able to cut up and cook the vegetables for dinner without rushing or being called away a million times over because Ares was in x, y or z.

I removed the glass cutting board from the counter and stashed it away, deep in the recesses of the cupboard. It came with the apartment and I’ve never liked it but we used it a lot because it was there. It was only yesterday that Lucas said he never liked it either, and all this time I thought he did.

Raspberry re-read both Supercat books we have from the library. She kept telling me about funny bits of the books or asking me if I knew about them, except that without context, they’re not quite as funny. Or maybe I’m just old.

Ares had a whole quarter of a persimmon at dinner. I was amazed by how little fell out of his mouth and into his bib. He really likes this stuff.


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