street art festival

We went to the Markit Street Art Festival in the Baltic Triangle last month. Raspberry was initially reluctant to go, possibly because we’d been in Manchester the day before and she was tired, but I lured her out with the promise of seeing trees wrapped in yarn.

Unit 51 was our first stop, as there was a small craft fair, but there wasn’t anything in there that we hadn’t seen before. There was, however, an artist writing complaints on toilet paper to be later flushed. She asked Raspberry if she had any complaints she’d like to add and Raspberry said she didn’t. Barely five minutes later, as we were on our way to the bathroom, Raspberry asked if being tired counted as a complaint. When I answered affirmatively, she excitedly ran back and asked to add her complaint to the toilet paper (she later added a self-portrait).

We didn’t actually see much street art, save for bikes with concrete wheels, a speedboat in dazzle camouflage, some sidewalk painting and a couple of illustrations on walls. Much of our time was spent making lots of buttons outside Unit 51. As Raspberry worked on hers, I chatted with Chantelle, a Canadian woman from Vancouver. She’d moved here a year ago with her kids and husband, who works as a pastor at the university. It was so nice to hear a North American accent for a change. We talked briefly about what we were doing here, things we missed about Canada and horror of horrors, she admitted that she actually found the Scouser accent endearing (for what it’s worth, I feel like repeatedly stabbing my ears every time I hear it).

I’d failed to bring a snack for Raspberry, as I didn’t think we were going to be out for very long, so we shared a hot chocolate that wasn’t all that good before heading over to see the yarn-bombed trees. Raspberry declared every single one her favourite because of the various colour combinations, and she wanted to hug them all. If we didn’t have to get home for dinner, we probably would’ve spent hours there. I felt bad having to drag her away from them, but seeing them made for a nice end to our afternoon.

2 responses

  1. Your photos are getting so amazingly good. Are you showing them anywhere?

    July 24, 2014 at 9:14 am

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Sabina! :) I’m not showing them anywhere beyond very occasionally selling them at print fairs. It’d be nice to show them somewhere at some point, but I haven’t quite put much thought into getting my art there or making anything new lately. Hopefully in time, when Ares gets older and I’m able to invest my energy into doing more on the side!

    July 28, 2014 at 10:47 pm

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