st james’ garden in the sun

The last time we went to St James’ Garden, we did so under grey skies, making the cemetery ever more depressing. Truthfully, it creeped me out a little and I thought that visiting the garden again in bright sunshine might be better, and that’s precisely what we did this week. We met up with Aurelie (who’s into cemeteries) and Loolapop and together, we spent a nice sunny afternoon among the headstones. The kids climbed and jumped off walls and tree trunks and rocks, and Loolapop slashed nettles with a stick. I sought out a good two-stepped rock to nurse Ares on, and waited for the sun to come out from behind a small cloud to do my obligatory Ares-on-a-surface picture.

When it began clouding over and getting cooler, we ventured into the Anglican cathedral and the girls spent a good amount of time lighting candles and tea lights. Aurelie wandered around while I made sure no one accidentally lit themselves on fire. The afternoon capped off with a visit to the cathedral’s gift shop, where Raspberry was itching to spend money that she didn’t have on her, although she didn’t know on what. Loolapop got a chocolate bar with her pocket money and very thoughtfully shared it with everyone. And that more or less concluded a nice afternoon in the cemetery (I never thought I’d ever say that).


2 responses

  1. Incredible! Loooooove these.

    April 11, 2014 at 10:08 pm

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