a friday with cupcakes

The kids iced cupcakes at playgroup today, and of course everyone delighted in the activity because who doesn’t like cupcakes?! Sprinkles of all shapes! Coloured icing! Roll-out icing! Cookie cutters! Rolling pins! Sugar overload! AHHHHH! When I’d heard that the kids were going to be doing this, I thought Raspberry would absolutely love it; we were at Santa’s grotto at Liverpool One a few weeks back and there was a stall with cupcake decorating but it was £2 and I’m so not paying that for my kid to decorate one measly cupcake. Another mum told me that when Raspberry arrived at playgroup today, she strolled into the kitchen with her coat still on and decisively declared, “Cupcake icing!” Haha. Lunch for Raspberry was the two cupcakes she iced. I suspect that was the case for most of the kids too (and I’m not going to lie, for me too… until I decided it was probably a good idea to eat the little bit of pasta I’d brought).

Carrie had invited Raspberry over to her house for the afternoon, so she was insanely excited, jumping everywhere, when Carrie said they were all going home. As soon as they’d left, I raised my arms in mock victorious triumph and yelled, “freeeeeeedom!” Lucy asked what I’d planned for the afternoon but honestly, I didn’t know mostly because Lucas and I hadn’t figured out what to do for dinner yet (our first dinner sans Raspberry in over a year!) and that was foremost on my mind. [Last Friday, we’d planned for Raspberry going to Carrie’s but plans fell through at the last minute. For that day though, we had a wonderful laksa dinner planned out for our dinner alone, which we ended up having with Raspberry, who now asks for laksa every time we go into the Chinese grocery store] For tonight, I picked up some cheese and onion pies for dinner, and made too-spicy roasted sweet potatoes and carrots for dinner. I’m not usually the one who cooks, so my skills are sub-par at best, but it works out since Lucas enjoys cooking. I’d hoped that Lucas would’ve been home earlier so we could decide and make dinner together but his train was delayed again, a common occurrence this past month that’s beyond annoying.

Carrie so wonderfully delivered Raspberry home around eight p.m. and she came in to chat and meet Lucas. By the sounds of it, everyone had a fantastic time in the afternoon, baking scones, making mini pizzas and playing games. I’d hoped Raspberry got the chance to play with and get to know Tom, as she hasn’t really had the chance to since Tom and William are always playing together. I’m so glad she gets exposed to different people and different sorts of things. Plus, she really enjoys cooking and baking too, and doesn’t get the chance to do that here (we’ve been meaning to clear off our counter space so she can get more involved in cooking, but we’ve just got to get around to actually doing it!). It’s great that we have friends who love baking so she can sometimes get into it. Anyway, it’s a nice end to the week. After a busy-ish several days, I’m looking forward to a somewhat calmer weekend, although I don’t know if that’ll necessarily happen between Finnish school tomorrow and an immunology event at the museum on Sunday, but at least we’ll be able to sleep in!


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