At my appointment with the midwife today, I learnt that I’m anemic. This is based on a blood test three weeks ago, but I guess nothing much has changed; my hemoglobin levels are probably still low, compared to right at the start of the pregnancy. I’m not surprised, as this explains a lot, especially the past few weeks. I’ve found myself getting breathless doing simple tasks like brushing Raspberry’s teeth or braiding my hair or spooning muesli into a jar and there have been moments where I’m just so winded where I just have to sit down for a moment. I thought it was ridiculous actually, to get so fatigued doing such simple, everyday things. More recently (and obviously, I guess), I just can’t do stairs like I used to, so I try to avoid them, especially long flights, if I can.

I’ve probably been anemic for a few months now. I remember when the weather was warmer and I was coming home from the market with a heavy bag of food, I had a moment where I was just so breathless and dizzy that I had to stop right there and then. It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time and I just chalked it up to the fact that we live uphill and the groceries were heavy, but that might’ve been the start of it.

I’m picking up a prescription for iron pills tomorrow morning and I’m looking forward to seeing the change in my energy levels.


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