Last night, I had a dream that I had the baby in a one-room hospital in the middle of a forest. The only person present was who I assumed to be a nurse, and she happened to look a lot like a librarian I dislike. The baby emerged at a whopping 9lb 15oz and this nurse nonchalantly tells me that she didn’t really weigh the baby but just did some math from weighing me wearing snow boots and a thick winter jacket on. Oh, and you’d think the baby would look a little like Raspberry but nope. This one had a darker, olive skin and a full head of dark hair, much like a fro, and looked much older than a newborn. Anyway, in my dream, the baby (dressed only in blue onesie with stars) and I are trekking through the forest, by the sea and oddly enough, through a quiet Chinese grocery store on an urban street, trying to get home to some amorphous destination. But first, we have to stop at our two apartments that we’re moving out of, and both of them are in utter shambles because we’re packing. And the whole time we’re having our great adventure, I have absolutely nothing. My dream self kept desperately wanting to get to one of the apartments so I could get the mei-tai to put the rather hefty baby in it. I remember Lucas waking me up as I was rummaging through suitcases, although I have no idea what I was in search of. It was much later than I’d expected and I figure that I was either pretty tired or really wanting to find out how the dream would end. Most likely the latter.


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