Today has been a nausea-filled day and I can’t wait for it to be over. I actually puked this morning, the first time this pregnancy, despite the numerous bouts of nausea (although there’s only been one past instance where it felt bad enough for me to run to the bathroom). I’d had two digestive biscuits while making my oatmeal for breakfast — the biscuits always seem to work with my stomach. And at the exact moment I finished making my oatmeal, I felt the need to hurl so I high-tailed it to the bathroom, where I did. I’d taken my daily prenatal vitamin barely a half-hour before so that probably came out too, but I didn’t take a second pill as I wasn’t really sure if it did end up in the toilet. It’s strange — often it’s the moment I finish making a meal or am just sitting down to one when the nausea decides to creep up. Weird and annoying.

Most of my day was spent on a nauseous roller-coaster. Around noon, I think I looked positively green so Lucas suggested I lay down. I napped while Raspberry put toy screws and bolts in my hair and combed it not-very-gently as she became my personal hairdresser. I had a small lunch of quinoa and vegetables, even though I didn’t feel much like eating. Later of course, I got hungry but couldn’t really find anything appealing enough to have, except for a scone which I shared with Raspberry. I despise days like this, when the nausea keeps coming and going — no food appeals to me because I’m feeling sick, but of course I’m hungry and really should eat something. The funny thing is that just a few days ago, Lucas commented that my nausea seems to have largely disappeared, and it did… until today. Well, the first trimester’s over, so hopefully this will go with it soon. On the bright side, at least the horrible exhaustion is gone. Baby steps… (pun not intended).


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