the positive

I’ve been in a bit of a grumpy mood the past few days, so I’m trying to focus on the good. Like earlier in the week — Monday and Tuesday were the warmest days of the week (month, year), and somehow as these things go, they became the best days this week. Monday saw me hauling Raspberry all over the city centre, running errands. We had groceries to pick up (including a 2kg bag of butter beans that I lugged everywhere in my backpack) and a birthday present to find. We popped into numerous stores and charity shops, partly to browse, partly on our gift-finding mission, which we partly fulfilled. On our way home, after being just about everywhere, Raspberry brilliantly suggested we get some ice-cream, so we picked up a box from the grocery store. At home, Raspberry indulged in some painting while I put on Caro Emerald’s album and when Lucas got back, we all pigged out on the ice-cream, a rare treat.

Tuesday was initially meant to be a museum day and Raspberry suggested going to the Museum of Liverpool. It took us ages to get there because she stopped at every possible spot to pick flowers for her bouquet, and climb on rocks and balance on ledges, but I didn’t mind since we had all afternoon. Because of the gorgeous weather, I didn’t really want to be in a museum. I much preferred sitting by the waterfront, so I suggested we have pick up a drink and a snack and sit outside. Nothing like the offer of a snack and impromptu picnic to make a child pleasantly agreeable. We were in Marks and Spencer for ages though, trying to figure out what exactly to get. Finally, we settled on a carton of cherry juice (Raspberry’s pick) and chocolate-chip cookies (my pick). We kicked off our shoes and settled on the grass beside the Tate, joining quite a few other grass-dwellers soaking up the rays. The girls beside us were enjoying champagne and strawberries and a topless sunbathing guy behind us had his hand firmly wrapped around a beer while his significant other rubbed his feet. I thought Raspberry would run around the grass but she seemed more content to down cherry juice. She wanted to go to the museum but I didn’t, although I was able to prolong our time outside by taking a detour there. She was nervous about the detour but she enjoyed watching the seagulls make footprints in the mud, and playing around the Superlambananas. There was a cruise liner at the terminal but she had no interest in checking it out. She’s probably holding out for the Queen Mary 2 when it arrives next week. Finally came the museum and we looked at a couple of interactive exhibits, the ones she normally goes for every time we’re there. I discovered an Edward Lear alphabet book and we read that, with me stumbling over a couple of words here and there. Unlike our usual museum visits, this one was short but I didn’t mind since I much preferred being outside. We took a very slow walk home, stopping at the Liverpool One fountain for Raspberry to dip her feet into because it was finally warm enough to do so. The fountain was slippery and she nearly fell completely in but caught herself in time. It was, however, enough for her to pitifully declare that she was all wet (not really) and that there would be no more fountain-related activity for the day. Well, then! Despite the whiny end to the day, I wasn’t as bothered as I usually am when she gets that way, probably because it’d been an enjoyable day. The later part of our week was a different story, but of course one can’t expect sunshine and lollipops all the time. That said, I do hope for a lollipop-esque day tomorrow because today was anything but.


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