This evening as Raspberry was having dinner, we were playing a game of sorts. I would ask her how she’d draw certain meerkats (eg. a scared meerkat, a sleepy one, one that’s climbing) and she’d describe it. After the game had been going for a while and I’d run through all the primary and secondary emotions, I asked her what a Finnish meerkat would look like — it’d be speaking Finnish, of course. And a Canadian meerkat? Well, it’d be bearing a Canadian flag. And a British meerkat? Holding a British flag. Duh. And a French meerkat will naturally be speaking French. It’s interesting how she doesn’t carry any of the stereotypes associated with different cultures. I love it. It’s no surprise, since she hasn’t been exposed to these stereotypes… yet. I’ll lament the day she starts picking up on them and it impacts on her creativity.


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