the trip that wasn’t

We had plans to go to Preston yesterday, as Lucas had a job interview at the university there and we were going to see bits of the city and hit up the Harris Museum and Art Gallery (they have a full elk skeleton and human and animal skulls!). We were all terribly excited, as it was to be our first trip out of Liverpool. Raspberry was so excited that she had a hard time falling asleep the night before.

However, we were a bit blindsided by the weather — snow and wind, never a good combination. We were all packed, dressed and as we were heading out, Lucas wondered if the university might actually be open, since he’d gotten an email earlier to say that his own university was closed due to the inclement weather. It’d suck to spend the money to go all the way to Preston, only to find that the interview was cancelled. So back inside we went to check if that was the case, which turned out to not be. The trains, however, were experiencing delays and cancellations. They don’t deal with snow as often here as they do back home, so closures and delays didn’t come as a surprise.

Lucas spent the morning deliberating whether it was worth it to go to the interview. The job is actually a full-time one and by the conditions of his visa, Lucas is only allowed to work a maximum of twenty hours a week. He’d applied for the job just because, not really expecting an interview. This was the first interview he got out of all the job applications he sent out and it quite caught him by surprise. Despite knowing that he wouldn’t be able to take this full-time job, he’d wanted to go to the interview as he didn’t want to give up the opportunity and he thought if he did well, there might be the slimmest possible chance they might be able to tinker the hours to satisfy the conditions of the visa. Yeah, it’s an incredibly long shot. In the end, he reluctantly decided to give up the interview, concluding that it wasn’t worth spending the money to make the hour-long trek in this weather, only to most likely not get the job (or in the event that they did offer him the job, have to turn it down). He was disappointed about having to give up an opportunity.

Raspberry and I were disappointed about our cancelled trip too. I’d been excited to take new pictures and to ride the train. I’d even packed four rolls of film. Raspberry had been so looking forward to riding the train and being in a new city. When we went back inside, she stood in the hallway for a while, not wanting to go into the apartment while Lucas checked for the university’s closure. It took us a bit of coax her inside and even then, she stood by the front door for quite a while, still fully dressed in her coat and boots. To cheer her up a little, I suggested we have our packed lunch on the floor, like a picnic, and she willingly took to the idea. We even had the chocolate Lindt rabbits that April gave us the day before; dessert is always nice, especially when you’re having a floor picnic.

To further make up for the trip that wasn’t, we went out and got some pies to go with our pre-made soup dinner. Raspberry had been asking for pies repeatedly in recent days, so I thought it cheer her up more. Lucas took her home after getting the pies, as the weather was anything but pleasant. I wanted to go to Waterstone’s to look for a particular book to get with our World Book Day token, so I went on my own, stopping at various stores along the way. It’s always nice to be able to window shop without a child in tow. I didn’t even mind the worsening weather. Of course, by the time I got home, I was quite wet from all the snow blowing onto my jacket and jeans, but I didn’t regret being out there.

So it wasn’t quite the day that we had planned, but I think we were all relieved we weren’t miserably wading through the snowy streets of Preston. We might try to make it to Preston again when the weather warms up. I don’t think I’d be too torn up if we don’t though, as the city is rather small and I’d rather go somewhere larger.

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