diary of a tuesday

It was another slow day today. Lucas had a kinda-sorta migraine so his plans to go to the library to work were shelved. Raspberry and I spent the morning reading, before all of us headed out for a leisurely afternoon stroll. We finally popped into the cafe on Mount Pleasant and had a hot chocolate that was very welcome on a chilly day like today. I couldn’t find the location of the exhibition I was looking for but it didn’t really matter. We went down Bold Street, half on a mission to seek out birthday gifts and ended up browsing for an eternity (the good kind) at Utility. Spinach from Matta’s, because we always get that when we’re there, and then onward to Waterstone’s, because I can never say no to a bookstore. Raspberry found the Daisy books and I wandered around, relishing my temporary child-free state. Dinner was pizza laden with vegetables, just the way we like it. And leftovers. It’s always a good dinner when it’s four hours later and you’re still full and not pawing through the cupboards for cookies. Story of my life.


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