Some days, you wake and are in a blah-ish sort of mood for unknown reasons. That was today for me. I went out to the Kensington library to pick up a couple of books for myself and Raspberry and because I was on my own, I took a detour home through Kensington, marvelling at all the row houses. Lovely as they all are, the neighbourhood is still a little rough and I wouldn’t want to live there; I like where we are right now. It was colder than I’d expected so I cut my walk short. We had leftover vegetable soup for lunch, together with toast and yogurt. Nutella on toast for me. The chocolate spread has been much missed. Raspberry and I went to Big Art at the Walker Art Gallery while Lucas went to pick up milk and bread. We did crafts, spelled out vehicle names with a limited number of magnetic letters, read a few books and briefly tried to put together a very confusing jigsaw puzzle. I coloured a picture, pressing down really hard with coloured pencils, while Raspberry made a card for April. Raspberry had brought Avycat, her stuffed feline friend, and kept leaving it all over the room and forgetting about it. The sun had come out on our way home and I wanted to take some pictures but preferred keeping my hands in my thick mittens. Omelettes, mashed potatoes, bean sprouts, cucumber and kiwi for dinner. Yeah, what a combination. Raspberry threw a massive shouting-crying tantrum at the end about not wanting to take a shower with Lucas. She ended up doing it on her own instead, but it was really quick. I suspect she likes the independence, which is ironic and confusing for us because she often wants things done for her and gets upset when we tell her she can do it herself. I penned an email to April while Lucas read with Raspberry. It’s the end of the day now, and here we are.


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