We checked out Kes Gray’s Daisy and the Trouble with Kittens from the library today. We read five chapters while at the library and Raspberry liked it so much she carried the book all the way home (but not before running manic circles with it, and gleefully flinging it into the air with reckless abandon) and couldn’t wait to read it before even getting her coat off. It’s simpler than Ivy and Bean or Ramona Quimby but she loves it, although not quite enough to want to read another book in the series (yet?).


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  1. Ah, so awesome. Are you guys reading chapter books routinely now? When was your first picture-less book? I’m starting a nighttime routine of telling Dax stories without books — mostly because it’s easier than reading in bed comfort-wise, but also because it feels like a nice thing to get used to. However, I totally have to amp up my storytelling skills. I’m pretty bad at it! I think I’m going to just retell classics like Chicken Little and stuff…?

    January 28, 2013 at 4:33 am

  2. We’re doing a mix of chapter books (still illustrated though) and picture books. Actually, and board books too; Rb started picking out her own board books at the library. She’d never really been interested in selecting her own library books until about two weeks ago.

    I’m not exactly sure when we started reading chapter books. I think we started with Alice in Wonderland when Rb had just turned 3, but we didn’t end up finishing it, although her interest was sustained about one or two chapters at a time. We started doing more chapter books just under a year ago, I think? When she’d just turned four. We discovered the Ivy & Bean series and she loved it.

    I love that you’re storytelling without books. I once thought I’d like that but I was having a bit of trouble making stuff up. That’s a great idea, to retell classics! Rb has never had an interest in fairy tales and classic stories, so maybe that’s a good way to re-introduce them to her.

    January 28, 2013 at 8:19 am

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