beaverton on wednesday

Last Wednesday, we drove in some crazy snow, around Lake Simcoe to Beaverton to visit Lucas’ grandparents. We’d never been to their place since they moved there several years ago. I think we all had a good afternoon there, having lunch and just hanging out. Raspberry spent quite a bit of time with Ossi — they went to the rec room together and outside to walk the dog. Lucas has always said that for someone who’s never had kids, he’s great with them and it shows. I think Raspberry really enjoyed her time with him. She always get so spoiled when she’s with her great-grandparents. The last time we saw them in Toronto in July, she scored a cookie and a whole loaf of raisin bread from the St Lawrence Market. This time, she had a whole bag (her “treat bag,” she calls it), full of juice boxes, Goldfish crackers, Christmas gummies, knitted socks and a scarf she uses as a tutu. She now seems to expect presents when she goes to visit someone. Pssht, the nerve! Ossi walked us out (in fact, he was there waiting for us when we arrived) and showed us some of the common areas in the building, like the rec room and a large hall. He said he really likes living there, especially compared to Toronto, and I think he was quite proud of the place. I wish we could’ve stayed longer as we only see Lucas’ grandparents once or twice a year, but the snow was getting heavier, it was getting dark and Raspberry was getting restless (not to mention, it would take us almost an hour and a half to get back to Barrie). When we left, Ossi told Lucas that he can do anything. It was sweet. As soon as we got back, Raspberry wrote her great-grandparents a letter, complete with a handmade envelope. It’s safe to say she had a good time. It’s too bad we’re leaving so soon as I would like to spend more time with them. Perhaps with any luck, we’ll get to see them in Liverpool or Europe in due time.


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