This picture defies the general tone of the day we were having. It was a two-tantrum kind of day (the first, an very drawn-out, fiery one sparked by not liking the way Lucas was playing with her; the second was spurred by changing her mind about the mug she wanted her tea in). I think the best part of the day for her was when we went out to the park. The entire way there, she stomped in snow, getting knee-deep in snowbanks, almost skipping to the park. She said she was having “the most glorious time ever,” and it showed. Unfortunately because we’re not equipped for the cold, we weren’t outside for very long — our extremities were beginning to freeze — which is a shame because I’m sure she would’ve loved to have played in the snow for longer. I didn’t want to head back to the monotony of being inside either but I treasure my fingers and toes too much. Oh well. We’ll try the park again another day, hopefully on a slightly warmer one, if there’s to be such a thing soon!


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