tuesday in barrie

Mid-afternoon Tuesday, we made our way to Anne’s place in Barrie, leaving later than we’d wanted. Lucas sidestepped the unsurprisingly crazy highway traffic by driving on rural roads. Raspberry was okay initially, looking out the window at the sights, but she’s not used to being in a car for long periods of time and seemed to get bored. In our haste, I’d forgotten to give her some things to amuse herself with as her backpack was in the trunk of the car. I kind of felt obligated to try to entertain her but then she said she wasn’t feeling too great (she’d already woken up with a sore throat that morning) and that progressed into having to pee. While Lucas drove on, looking for a decent spot to pull over, she fell asleep so that pretty much solved that problem. It was most certainly too late for her to nap, but if it helped alleviate her boredom and help her not feel sick, I was all for it. Besides, I wasn’t feeling too hot myself. The backroads are a veritable mass of hills and I generally have awful motion-sickness. I spent much of the time sunken in my seat, eyes closed, clutching my stomach and hoping I wouldn’t hurl. The rental car had Sirius and the only remotely decent station I came across was streaming in the likes of Drake and Rihanna and that definitely didn’t help with my nausea. Finally, I started feeling better as we approached the highway, and I came across another station with old-school hip-hop instead. Plus, I got excited to see civilization… I always am (as much as I can appreciate nature and animals and all that, I’m very much a city girl). We finally got into Barrie at almost 5:30pm — our trip took almost two hours. Raspberry awoke as we pulled into the driveway and she was excited to finally arrive. Anne got in barely an hour after we arrived and Lucas and her made a pasta dinner. We sat down to a relaxing meal, complete with red wine and scintillating conversation. Raspberry went to bed late and I was beyond exhausted but I didn’t care. ‘Twas a good evening.


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