monday in toronto

We were in Toronto on Monday to get the keys to Lucas’ great-aunt’s place. She was working around Yonge and Davisville, so we took the subway to Davisville and went to Oriole Park. We were last at Oriole Park in early September when we were visiting Vidya and Jamie. Raspberry and I both loved the park, as it has way cooler playground equipment than the usual parks (Merry-go-around! Spinny pole! Windchimes! Saucer swing! See-saw! Sandpit!) and Raspberry had been asking to go there again ever since our first trip. So we went. Except of course, Raspberry threw two tantrums within a matter of minutes soon after we arrived (during the first, she wanted me to put her mittens on for her; for the second, she demanded the sticks to hit the windchimes that Lucas was using, even though there were two others). It took her a bit to calm down and for a moment, she wanted to leave but we told her we were pretty much never coming back again for a long time and she relented and started to have fun. We all got on the merry-go-round and the non-children got dizzy, and then progressed to the see-saw, with Lucas standing in the middle (it’s not a traditional see-saw with a plank on a pivot).

Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay too long as we had to make our way to Anne’s workplace a few blocks away. I was a little sad to leave and I’m almost sure Raspberry would’ve liked to have stayed longer too. We chatted with Anne for about a half-hour before heading down to Mount Pleasant, stopping at another park along the way (much more typical and not half as cool as Oriole Park). Thereafter, we walked down Mount Pleasant toward Vidya’s place. There’s was a Finnish bakery along the way and Lucas had wanted to stop to pick up some treats (he only has them once every number of years and was really excited at the prospect of getting them). Unfortunately for us though, the bakery was closed. We stood outside, sadly staring into the window as two very nonchalant people hung decorations inside. I felt so bad for Lucas; he must have been so disappointed. With little else to do, we carried along Mount Pleasant. A display for Oliver Jeffers’ This Moose Belongs To Me and an accompanying Lost and Found penguin toy drew us into a fantastic kids’ bookstore, Mabel’s Fables (Oliver Jeffers is one of my favourite illustrators). I’m usually in heaven around kids’ books and this bookstore had the coolest toys too, so you can imagine how much I loved this place — I wanted just about everything. I jotted down titles for a ton of books and Raspberry busied herself reading copies of Ladybug Girl that she’d never seen before. The Lost and Found penguin sadly wasn’t for sale and I discovered during a later cursory Google that it’s not produced any more and goes for quite a pretty penny now. Damn.

We got to Vidya’s earlier than expected and she was still out running errands so we went down the street to Summerhill Market to kill some time. Pretty place, tasty-looking stuff but rather unaffordable for us. Jamie and Frank appeared soon after, so we didn’t have to spend too much time out in the cold. Raspberry had been a little hesitant to visit at their house as they’d recently gotten a dog and Raspberry doesn’t like canines. She spent a lot of time sitting on the couch, her knees tucked up to her chest as Smokey the dog wandered (“Oh no! The slobber!”). Jamie and her eventually went into his room to play, shutting the door behind them, so she was safe from Smokey. Lucas, on the other hand, enjoyed being around Smokey — he’s always wanted a dog (a black lab). I’m not much of a dog person but I didn’t mind being licked by Smokey; it’s definitely a novel sensation. The kids wanted pizza (“PIZZA! PIZZA! PIZZA!” in chorus) and Vidya ordered some but it only arrived as we were getting on the bus to leave. Instead, Raspberry had a peach yogurt muffin from Union Station on the last train back to Mississauga. I think she enjoyed that muchly. I wasn’t sure how she liked the day but she said the best part was seeing Vidya and Jamie. Despite her dislike of dogs, near the end of our visit, she said she kinda liked Smokey (while she initially spent a lot of time hiding out in the fort she made on the couch, eventually she didn’t seem as terrified of the dog). Yay! Hopefully the next time we visit she’ll be more willing to be around Smokey.


2 responses

  1. your raspberry seems like a handful and i have mad respect for you and lucas, I imagine it can sometimes be exhausting.

    My sister was like this as a child, tantrums all the time, especially in public, and no recourse really for my mum to have time out as she was a single parent.i tried as best I could to keep my sis entertained (i am five years older).

    She did grow out of it though, and actually became really quiet and shy!

    November 23, 2012 at 11:21 pm

  2. Thanks! Raspberry can most certainly be a handful and to borrow a term a friend of mine used, a psychological vampire. I do hope she’ll be like your sister and outgrow it. Perhaps when she eventually has a sibling, she might be better. I hope so… fingers crossed.

    November 27, 2012 at 4:26 am

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