We were at the grocery store two weeks ago, and spent a good long time looking at the Halloween paraphernalia. We’ve never done much for Halloween, beyond dressing up and going trick-or-treating, but for the first time Raspberry was really into other aspects of Halloween, like the tacky decorations. I don’t think she’s ever really paid any attention in previous years because the places we frequented in Westdale weren’t decked to the nines in decorations. I remember her being rather interested in a fake black cat at Shoppers last year but that was about it. Anyway, at the store, her eyes just lit up at the severed limbs and she marvelled at the battery operated zombies and ghouls (of course, Lucas and I added to the cause by pressing all the buttons at once, producing a loud mechanical ruckus in that corner of the store). She even found a fake crow, which she held, petted and declared that she wanted one as a pet of her own. Later that day while playing with Lego, she created a cemetery selling bodies. I’m not sure if she was inspired by the fake plastic headstones she saw for sale earlier, but I was certainly amused by what she came up with (it also helps that we have legless Lego people, I suppose).

The community centre was plastered with Halloween decorations and Raspberry was rather taken by them, so much so that she decided to make her own decorations (see the ghosts, spiders and one pumpkin above), although they’ve only been half cut out (distracted child is distracted). She’s been wanting a pumpkin to carve but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Maybe next Halloween, when we once again have our own place. After being some form of a cat for the past three years, she’s decided to be a meerkat this year. This proved to be a bit of a surprise as I thought she wasn’t as into meerkats as she was a year ago. I think it was a bit of an impromptu decision as up to two weeks ago we weren’t even sure if we were going to be here for Halloween (we were at the St Lawrence Market a couple of weeks ago and a vendor asked Raspberry what she was going to be for Halloween and she replied, “we’re leaving” and it just confused the poor lady). In any case, she’s coloured in a meerkat mask and I just have to glue it to some cardboard and attach a ribbon. Oh, and make her a tail too.

After seeing all the Halloween decorations at the community centre, I wanted to find a book at the library on the origins of Halloween but instead ended up picking up a book that made the slightest mention of a black widow. Actually, the book said black widows hide under toilet seats and we wanted to find out the truth in that, which led to us checking out a stack of books on various spiders — wolf spiders, jumping spiders, water spiders, black widows and the best of all, trapdoor spiders (I can’t get over how simultaneously brilliant and amusing they are). Incidentally, the thing about black widows and toilets refers specifically to outhouse toilets.

More recently, especially after reading Genichiro Yagyu’s All About Scabs, she’s really been into infection and playing doctor (where the doctor is someone else, either real or imagined). Her imaginary friends are often severely hurt and bloody, often almost on the verge of death. Lucas and I were baffled by such negativity, but the other day, I wondered if conjuring up such misfortune is more interesting for her than having everything all hunky dory and she said it was (although I must wonder if I baited her with the way I phrased the question… oops). Oh well, I’m perfectly happy to have all this imaginary medical misfortune going on, although I do wish I knew a doctor who could show her actual disease and injury and the process of treatment but I suppose I’ll have to settle with books and Youtube videos for now. I do wonder how long she’s going to keep going with this though, as some of the interesting things she’s latched on to more recently have been quite short-lived (like the imaginary pet horned lizard on a leash that emerged after we saw a video of a horned lizard squirting blood from its eyes). I suppose we’ll see this week.


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  1. If there were a ‘Like’ button for this entry, I’d hit it….the photos, everything about it…

    “Her imaginary friends are often severely hurt and bloody, often almost on the verge of death. Lucas and I were baffled by such negativity, but the other day, I wondered if conjuring up such misfortune is more interesting for her than having everything all hunky dory and she said it was…”

    I don’t think it is ‘negativity’ per se, but, yes, more an interest in painting scenarios that are ‘out of the norm’, and these kinds of pretend situations are awesome coming from kids. Maybe with enough nurturing Raspberry will grow up to be a great storyteller; it certainly seems like she’s on her way. And it’s so much fun for us just the same. Like when Sophie kept purposely dropping her baby doll, over and over again, yelling, “Oh no! The baby!” Oh god, it was hilarious, such a little entertainer, and I could tell she was getting a kick out of making me laugh.

    November 3, 2012 at 4:36 pm

  2. Thanks! :)

    You’re right, it’s not really negativity (although, it does follow in the vein of some of Raspberry’s negativity). I’d like to think Raspberry will continue having a fertile imagination.

    Haha, Sophie sounds adorable! I can imagine Raspberry doing something similar.

    November 9, 2012 at 5:22 am

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