Well, our plans have changed again. Lucas and I have decided that perhaps we were too excited and too hasty when we booked our plane tickets back in March. When we booked them, we’d assumed that everything was going to go smoothly, that OSAP would come through all right, that our visas applications would be easy, that our cat was healthy enough to travel. But in the past several weeks, we’ve encountered so many bumps in the road, beginning with OSAP taking their sweet time processing the institution approval — that was the obstacle that fucked up our plans the most. It also doesn’t help that the CouchSurfing person we were going to stay with upon arrival hasn’t replied to my emails in two weeks. In the past week or so, Lucas and I have been absolutely terrified about our move. Not in a nervous-excited sort of way (read: normal), but more like an “oh dear god, we’re doing this next week and we have a million things to do and we are so unprepared” sort of way (it’s not just something I’m saying — we are actually quite terribly unprepared for an international move in four days). I can’t speak for Lucas but it was almost a paralyzing fear.

Raspberry and I went to Mississauga yesterday so I could pick up the minivan for Lucas and I to move our stuff to my parents’ and when I arrived in Hamilton this morning, he expressed his doubts about us leaving next week and suggested that perhaps we re-evaluate our decision and maybe postpone our trip. My mother has repeatedly said that we should postpone our departure date so we can secure the proper visas and ensure we get into the country smoothly. I guess that hasn’t helped either. So while we were swimming in boxes and bubble wrap and packing paper, we talked a bit about the consequences of either decision. While we’ll be losing the money we paid for our tickets if we rebooked them, it’d be generally cheaper for us to do so than for all of us to have to return to Canada over two separate round trips. As Lucas puts it, “it’s just money; it’s not a life.”

So, by lunchtime we’d altered our plans and we’ll rebook our tickets for mid-September, so that we’ll enter on a student visa. Of course, this means we’ll have to borrow some money from my parents to show we have enough for maintenance fees but we’ll feel more comfortable than entering on a visitor’s visa. Right after we changed our plans, I felt so relieved. The fear was quietly stressing me out and making me wake up way earlier than I normally would. I can only hope I sleep well tonight.

Anyway, today Raspberry spent most of the day away from Lucas and I. I left her with my parents and siblings while Lucas and I packed up our apartment. It was the most productive I’ve been at packing — when she’s around, she demands so much attention that it’s hard to get much done. For a while, our living room looked like a tornado had blown through. There were empty, half-empty and full boxes scattered all over, random objects needing homes littering the floor, a pile of bubble wrap and packing paper conveniently obscuring even more stuff. We’ve sold a handful of our furniture so there’s not too much we have to take to Mississauga. In the morning, I packed while Lucas brought some of our boxes down to the car in a stray shopping cart (there are usually a few of those around our apartment complex). The car was pretty full on our first run, but less so on our second run, as there are still several half-packed boxes and half our kitchen and none of our clothes have yet to be been packed. I’d planned on leaving Mississauga today and was going to go to Toronto to see Vidya and Jamie tomorrow, but with our newly-altered plans, we’re going to go see them later next week instead. This evening, Lucas and I brought as much as we could down to the basement. He had to return home to feed Avy (who’s on a prescription diet for her hyperthyroidism) so I’ll try to place the rest of the boxes tomorrow. Raspberry missed us lots. We’ve never been away from her for a period of time for this long so she’s not used to our prolonged absence. She apparently took a nap during the mid-afternoon (unheard of!) and was extremely hyper all evening. I think she was also excited to finally be with Lucas and I. We tried our best to play with her in her hyper state (it doesn’t help than she was watching Olympic gymnastics and was inspired to try out the moves), especially after getting absolutely stuffed at dinner, but I don’t think she was too satisfied with us. Ah well, tomorrow I’ll try to spend all day with her. I’ll have to wake her up since she fell asleep at almost eleven o’clock, but I’m sure we’ll have a good day tomorrow.


4 responses

  1. Just curious…going with student visa is better than with a visitors visa, but does a student visa require any proof of a program enlistment, or institutional residency?

    July 31, 2012 at 8:49 am

  2. Yes, it does. The school provides a code/number that Lucas needs in order to get the visa.

    July 31, 2012 at 11:36 am

  3. Anonymous

    Good to hear you chose a more stress-free option. :) Good luck with everything!


    August 4, 2012 at 12:49 pm

  4. Thanks, Marjolein! After making the move to my parents’ a few days ago, I honestly can’t imagine having to move all our crap and then being on a plane the next day. It’d have been impossible!

    August 5, 2012 at 2:30 am

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