guinea pig

This July is the month for studies, as it was last summer. Last summer, Lucas and I participated in linguistic and kinesiology studies for pocket change. I actually made enough to pay for a new, sorely-needed backpack.

Thus far, I’ve done a cat allergy study (the first medical study I’ve done since the summer of 2006, if you exclude the one I did when I was pregnant but that was for pregnant women anyway), a visual perception (psychology) study and one motor behaviour (kinesiology) one. We’ve got three more motor leaning studies lined up for next week and Lucas has more visual perception ones on tap (I might be able to score some of these studies when I go in tomorrow). The asthma studies he’s been participating in regularly over the past few years are pretty much over for him, but he’s hoping to do more once we move. I’d like to live near the university so that we’ll have access to potential studies (as well as their library). I’ve always enjoyed doing studies and of course, the remuneration is nice too. I remember a long time ago, back when we were living in Edmonton and I was working at the population research lab, I joked that we’d totally put our kid in studies. And we actually have — Raspberry was part of a control group (I later learnt) in a study testing the effect of active music classes on vocabulary. We wouldn’t mind putting her in more studies, but the ones we’ve come across thus far tend to be for older kids. Oh well, her time will come.

[Oh, in the above pictures, I’m getting an allergen skin test done. I’m very allergic to house dust mite and somewhat allergic to cat hair. No surprises from the last time I had a skin test done in 2006.]


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