So, we’re leaving August 1st, as we’d originally intended.

For the longest time, we were so certain we had to stay another month but then partway through last week, Lucas thought that we ought to leave in August, since there was no guarantee things would work out by September, and we didn’t want to have to change our tickets again (in which case, we’d everything we would’ve already paid and have to book new tickets). So we’ll all go under a visitor’s visa and Lucas would have to fly back to in September to get his student visa. After six months, Raspberry and I will have to return to Canada to get our dependants’ visas. This solves the problem with maintenance fees, because on his own, Lucas need only show £7200 and after six months, he’s considered to have an established presence in the UK and thus, Raspberry and I only have to show maintenance fees for two months (as opposed to nine, if we apply for the visa at the same time as Lucas). With the flights back to Canada, it’s obviously costlier, but it solves the issue with the maintenance fees.

I was hesitant at first, partly because of the cost and partly because I didn’t want to be left alone in Liverpool for two weeks (or however long) with Raspberry. A whole day alone with her can be taxing, let alone two weeks. But as I told Lucas, this was just my hang-up (I also told him half-jokingly that “I have a bad feeling in my bones” and it elicited nothing but laughter). Other than the extra cost, I tried to find any reason why we shouldn’t do it this way but I couldn’t. So now we needn’t change our tickets and we are leaving in three weeks. Holy shit, that’s scary. Because we had been reluctantly talking about having to leave in September for so long, I had my mind set on that date and things were moving as a more leisurely pace. In fact, because we were to be homeless, Lucas’ great-aunt offered us her place in Barrie and his cousin had notions of us house-sitting her home in Scarborough while her family went away to Helsinki. I’d actually been excited by the prospect of staying somewhere unfamiliar for a bit and I’ll admit I was a little disappointed that we now can’t experience that (in addition to the freaked-out feeling that we’re leaving in three weeks!!!!).

Avy will be leaving with us. It didn’t seem like she was doing too well after her last visit to the vet but we’ve chalked that up to her being grumpy and hiding after her trip out, and also probably from getting a rabies shot and also the heat wave at the time. She’s been much more like herself and with then suspected hyperthyroidisim, Lucas was feeding her more and she was being mouthier about getting fed. She actually went to the vet two days ago and had a blood test that confirmed the hyperthyroidism. As it stands now, we’re hoping to treat it through diet and hopefully it’ll work out. I’m glad she’s okay enough to come with us. I can’t imagine having to leave her in a shelter or having her put down.

Anyway, three weeks! My apartment is filled with boxes and there’s barely much space to move around. We’ve packed quite a bit but there’s still more to go. Much of the stuff can’t be packed yet because we’re still using it. We’re probably going to have a small garage sale soon to get rid of some of our furniture (namely two bookshelves, our dinner table, two side/coffee tables, four CD shelves and Raspberry’s desk and chairs). I’ve been working at trying to sell some stuff online on Kijiji but I’ve gotten quite fed up with flaky people who say they’re going to show up to buy something but stand me up. Well, here’s hoping the next three weeks go by smoothly, but really, who am I kidding? Ha!


2 responses

  1. Congratulations on the concrete plans! It’s good that you’ve started packing. I’m also moving at the end of the month but I’m only moving two blocks away.

    July 15, 2012 at 6:55 am

  2. Thanks. I wish I could say our plans were most certainly concrete but it seems like things are still a bit up in the air. Anyway, good luck with your move. Your old apartment looked absolutely gorgeous from your pictures!

    July 18, 2012 at 4:04 am

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