the pet

Yesterday was violently windy and loads of branches were blown off trees. Raspberry picked up a largish one on our way to Justin’s house this morning and it quickly became her pet, aptly named Stick. She walked it on an imaginary leash and had it stop repeatedly to pee, poop, eat and drink. We even parked it (with an imaginary lock) at the bike racks at the library while we popped into Shoppers (Raspberry was afraid someone might make off with Stick but I assured her no one would want to). On the way home, Stick acquired a voracious appetite, quickly transforming from a grass, leaf and dirt-loving herbivore to a ravenous piece of wood, taking chunks out of stairs and sidewalks and house numbers. Stick is now residing on the balcony, waiting for the next walk it’ll take, whenever that might be, should Raspberry remember its existence.


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