This evening, Raspberry and I were reading One Hen, the book about microfinancing in Ghana, particularly with respect to chicken farming. She asked me why no chicks came from the eggs, and I said that you’d need a rooster to fertilize an egg in order for a chick to develop within it. She thought for a moment and then said, “Lucas fertilized your eggs.” Oh, why yes he did. I’m impressed she was able to make that connection. When she was two, maybe two-and-a-half, we’d talked about sperm fertilizing eggs and the resulting zygote developing into a fetus and then a baby, but I wasn’t sure if she actually got it. I guess she kinda understands it now.

Oh, on a related note, this kid (who might I add, doesn’t care for actual human babies and has said she doesn’t want a sibling) talks way too much about pregnancy. Not actual pregnancy, but imaginary. She says things like, “when I was pregnant with Booger…” Every time she mentions pregnancy, I just get a really weird, crawly feeling and I just want her to stop talking about it. It’s weird, I know.


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