a better day

– Compared to yesterday, today was fantastic, despite the fact that we woke up to one tantrum. I’m not even sure what that was about, but she kept whining and complaining about being tired and hungry (she says it so often now that it’s lost meaning). I had left her curled up in a crying ball after I flipped out on her, while I went to make breakfast because I was certain her tantrum was hunger-driven. Lucas calmed her down and started playing with her while I made breakfast and thereafter, I got a few minutes to myself to read a few pages of Rad Dad as they continued playing.

– I was much calmer state after breakfast and Raspberry and I read while Lucas fixed the cuffs of his pants. Raspberry read Birdie’s Big Girl Dress by herself. We’ve read that book no less than ten to fifteen times last month, so Raspberry reading it was partly from memory, partly word recognition and probably partly actual reading. I tried to grab a video of her doing so, but she wanted me to stop after two pages.

– Raspberry and I went out in the late morning to Shoppers and the library. It took us a half-hour to walk three blocks, because Raspberry wanted to climb every single pile of snow (ie. at every house). This is the most amount of snow we’ve had this winter, and I’m glad she had a good time doing so. Unfortunately, Lucas forgot to do up the bungee cords on her boots and when we got to the library, we discovered her socks and the bottoms of her leggings under her snowpants were wet. Oops.

– We picked up a four-cent stamp at the post office, which Raspberry got to lick. I don’t think she’s ever licked a stamp before, but she made no mention of its taste. We milled around Shoppers for a bit, browsing an unsurprisingly busy Valentine’s Day section (Raspberry likes the bizarre stuffed toys there usually but I think she was turned off by all the people today), the toothbrush section and the lip-balm section. I read the ingredient list on my cherry chapstick and upon seeing parabens listed, decided I was going to ditch my chapstick when I got home. I have a natural version that I’ve been using, but I still have the cherry one, which I occasionally use when I reach into my bag and pick grab it instead of the natural one. I knew about the chemicals in it, but wasn’t expecting parabens and that was definitely the deal breaker for me. Really though, I should probably have gotten rid of the chapstick sooner.

– We headed to the library thereafter and ran into Jon and his dad, Dave, there. I think we sort of share the same tastes in kids’ books, as I’ve noticed over a number of occasions at the library that he’s picked out these great picture books that he’s picked out many of the same books I’ve enjoyed (although not necessarily Raspberry). Perhaps we do share similar tastes; he owns a store that sells all kinds of awesome stuff that I’d totally splurge on if I didn’t have to save my money. I read Raspberry Go Bugs Go, a mindless favourite from back in the summer, while Jon listened. Raspberry was highly protective of her personal space and kept saying Jon was getting too close, which I think he mostly wasn’t.

– On our way up to our apartment, we shared the elevator with a guy holding a few huge foil balloons he’d just collected from the lobby. As we were exiting on our floor, he offered one to Raspberry. I declined initially, because I don’t want her to feel like she’s entitled to free stuff from people. Plus, the balloons looked like they were meant for a celebration and I didn’t want to fewer balloons to take away from that. But he insisted and Raspberry happily took it. She was playing with the balloon all afternoon. I think she loves it so much because it’s nothing like the dinky latex balloons she sometimes gets. Not to mention, compared to the shrunken balloon she got from Occupy McMaster, this foil balloon — a huge flattened sphere emblazoned with the word “celebrate” in a colourful, tacky font — is way more spectacular. Thank you, guy with balloons, for giving my kid a great way to spend her afternoon. Meanwhile, because of the size of the balloon and its attached stick (um, is that what you would call it?), I keep mistaking the balloon for a creepy extra person in our apartment. Yeahhhh.

– Lucas made a fabulous sweet potato stew for lunch. It was definitely the best lunch I’ve had in a while (incidentally, I despise lunches because I never know what to have). He has been wanting to make stews for a while now. Last week he did a Finnish pea soup, sans ham, that was pretty good.

– I’m still getting used to the 50mm lens that now resides on my dSLR. I’m a big fan of wide-angled shots, so working with a 50mm will probably take some getting used to. I love how fast the lens is and how gorgeous the pictures are, but I think I still need to keep working at shifting my mindset to get the most out of this lens.

– Raspberry had originally wanted to go out to play in the snow again in the afternoon and Lucas was going to take her to the back of the building but somehow, we got caught up in the afternoon and just didn’t go out. At least she got a chance to be in the snow in the morning, and the snow will probably hang around for a few more days.

– Lucas offered Raspberry French vanilla ice-cream for dessert after dinner. She’s never had more than a tiny spoon three or four times in her lifetime, so to have two large-ish spoons was quite a treat for her. Of course, she loved it. I’m glad she did, but I do wish we had more natural ice-cream to give her. At least it was better than the black cherry one we also have; that one has artificial colouring. Lucas said that at least it was the premium stuff, not the cheaper kind, which is ever perhaps the tiniest bit more comforting but still doesn’t make it any better.

– We generally did loads of reading today (lots of Clarice Bean, Orange Peel, Roslyn Rutabaga and Say Hello), which is great, but I think Raspberry still should play a bit more on her own. Ah well, maybe tomorrow. Hopefully tomorrow. Lucas is working in the afternoon and evening and I’m crossing my fingers that she’s just as pleasant tomorrow as she was today so I’m not ready to down a few drinks by bedtime.

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