Well, January has been generally sucky for all of us. I was sick with something like the flu, pink eye, and a horrible sore throat for the first two-ish weeks. And then Raspberry had pink eye last week. Despite our best efforts that involved several days of Lucas sleeping on the floor and me curled up at the foot of the bed, Lucas got sick last week, just as Raspberry was almost all better. He spent about two days in utter agony and had to go to work. I suspect he had what I had that one day I spent mostly in bed. He had an awful sore throat and I was convinced, given my experience, that he was going to be struck with conjunctivitis shortly. But it’s been six days, and he’s almost well, with no pink eye to speak of (hopefully). He thinks sucking on antibacterial Strepsils might have done the trick. I really do hope so, because I’m so done with all the sickness lingering around here. I think we’ve all been sick at least once every month this fall and winter, possibly a record for us. Lucas thinks the strange warmish winter might have something to do with our bodies’ inability to adapt to a consistent temperature. While I’m glad for the warm temperatures, I’m not sure what to think. Oh well. Let’s just all stay healthy for longer than a few weeks now, shall we?

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