hello again, pink eye

I got home from Toronto yesterday and the first thing Lucas said when I shut the door was, “guess what?” Because there are an infinite number of possible answers to that question, I stood there rather stumped, quite unable to answer his question. It turns out that Raspberry has pink eye. Oh yay. So I guess it was a sore throat that she had after all. Knowing how brutal the sore throat was for me, I can’t imagine what must’ve been like for her. The funny thing is that just before I left in the morning, I cleaned out some stuff from the edge of Raspberry’s eye and noticed her other eye was the tiniest bit red, and I told Lucas to keep an eye on it (pun half-intended). I guess that was really the start of it, as it apparently flared up barely two hours later, soon after her gymnastics class.

So the last day or so has been a bit of an adventure, with a million-and-a-half hand-washings, and even more reminders for Raspberry to not touch her eyes (or really, her face in general). We have a mountain of laundry that needs to be done — Raspberry’s clothing, the bedsheets and blankets that are currently in use, all kinds of towels that are being changed daily, and of course, there’s the laundry that was already in there. Talk about a very inconvenient illness.

Since I was in Toronto, Lucas dealt with the worst of the infection. Raspberry was in a pretty good mood through it. In fact, she was downright hyper when I came home yesterday. He also prepared Raspberry for what might be to come upon waking in the morning — that is, the crusty, sealed eyelids. Luckily for us, that didn’t happen for her. She merely woke up with a little bit of pus around her eyes, which were swollen and red. Lucas half-joked that all the crying she did in the middle of the night must’ve cleaned out her eyes.

Yes, the crying. There was crying. We all slept terribly last night. Lucas and I slept on the floor, because Raspberry moves so much in her sleep and neither of us wants to get conjunctivitis (again, in my case). Raspberry had already been sleeping poorly before we went to bed, waking up repeatedly crying. Probably around one in the morning, I awoke briefly and blissfully thought to myself how great it was that she hadn’t woken — I very mistakenly believed, in my half-conscious state, that it was hours later. Around 2:30am, Raspberry woke up crying and I had to go into the bedroom to console her. She’s not used to not having me in bed with her; when I slept on the floor during my bout with pink eye, she was a wreck the first night and we were all up for over two hours. Last night was not much different. I was with her, drifting in and out of consciousness until about four am, finally curling up at the foot of the bed with her somewhat beside me. I remember trying to get comfortable and deciding if I ought to lay on my back (no, too cold) or curling up in a fetal position (less cold, but not entirely comfortable). At some point, Lucas came into the room with a pillow and blanket for me. He told me later that was about five am. We all kinda sorta woke just past seven, when the sky was beginning to show signs of brightening. I managed to get a few more winks in while Lucas got up with Raspberry and then we switched and Lucas got a bit of shut eye.

While today saw all of us bleary-eyed, at least Raspberry’s eyes weren’t doing too badly, beyond the redness and a bit of swelling. Near the end of the day, the pus came back, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as it was yesterday. So far, she’s been asleep for three-and-a-half hours and only woken once, which is much better than last night. I’m really hoping this infection is short-lived like mine was and she’ll be better tomorrow, save for some redness. I’d like to think that Lucas won’t get it, but this damn illness seems to be working on a two week cycle — I got it about two weeks after I was at my parents, where my sister first had it, and Raspberry got it two weeks after I did. Not to be pessimistic, but I won’t be too surprised if he gets it in about two weeks. But we’ll see. In the meantime, Raspberry has to get over her pink eye first, and we have that mountain of laundry to do.


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