sick kid

We were doing so well this morning, watching Youtube videos of octopuses and piglets. And then Raspberry began saying her mouth hurt ant it pretty much went downhill from there, as she descended into sickness, feeling sluggish and feverish. She skipped her lunch and fell asleep while I was eating mine. I was hoping she’d nap for a while, but within half an hour, she was up and said she wanted to see Justin. I hadn’t intended to take her, since she wasn’t feeling well, but we hurried to get dressed and went. Ordinarily, she’d have walked, but since we were in a rush (Justin was only going to be home for a short while) and she was sick, I carried her in the Boba. She seemed to enjoy being in Justin’s room, asking curiously about what everything was and upon seeing Justin’s Nutella atop his fridge, thrice mentioning how we have no chocolate spread of our own. After we left our brief visit, we popped into the library to pick up a hold. Storytime was happening but she had no interest in it (we’ve yet to make any of the sessions yet). At home, I made tea (chocolatey mint, her pick) and she had a bit. We lounged in bed, reading Clare’s postcard, writing Clare a new postcard, flipping through one of the books I picked up from the library (it was about teenage girls). She spent a bit of time watching the neighbours’ cats on our balcony and finally, as she was about to erupt into a major tantrum, I got her to bed at six p.m.

She might have a sore throat. I’m not sure, because I’m not certain she exactly knows what a sore throat is. But I’m really, really, really hoping this isn’t a precursor to the pink eye that affected myself, my siblings and parents over the holidays (it all started with a terrible sore throat, you see). I’m hoping it was just something she picked up while at the library yesterday. I guess we’ll see tomorrow or in the next few days.


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