This was our Wednesday.

– We all woke up very terribly. Raspberry woke up complaining she was hungry (a common trend for the past week or so) and spent the next hour curled up in a ball, whining, screaming and vehemently declining all suggestions of food. Waking up this way put me in a bit of a mood, but I guess PMS didn’t help either.

– Raspberry, who wants to be a worm because they don’t take baths, hadn’t had a bath in four days. We set up a sheet of paper on the bathroom wall for her to paint on (the only time she’s allowed to paint on walls). She hasn’t painted in months and I found she was more deliberate and thoughtful in her painting than when she paints at a table. It was a good way to get her to take a bath too. At least she enjoyed both the painting and the bath (during her last bath, she learnt how to soap herself and was quite excited to be able to do that again).

– There was storytime at the library today. Raspberry kept vacillating between wanting and not wanting to go. We’d missed last week’s (the first one) because I forgot it was Wednesday and we instead took advantage of the warm weather and went to the park. We ended up not going, which doesn’t bother me because we’ve been attending storytime on and off for the past few years and really, they’re pretty much always the same and the books they read are pretty basic… you know, kids and their need for repetition and structure.

– We ended up going to Fortino’s to pick up groceries instead. The walk across the bridge proved warmer than expected, but one could argue that maybe I was just dressed properly. Raspberry was maniacally hyper, running everywhere and being curious about everything. It’s not a bad thing, but it gets tiring. She was looking at a measuring cup with a slanty bit on the inside and an old guy watching her said, “you can’t have that!” WHAT?! Who are you to tell her what she can and can’t have? Raspberry pretty much ignored him (or didn’t notice him in the first place, because slopey measuring cups are just way cooler than strange men). I furrowed my brow, smiled politely and ushered her along, mostly because Lucas was waiting for us.

– Dinner was an omelette with runner beans and leftover mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. Raspberry had dinner before we did because we wanted her in bed at 6:30pm, so she could catch up on lost sleep from previous days (and hopefully not wake up pre-sunrise screaming tomorrow morning). We had dinner later than we usually do and watched the first episode of The Mighty Boosh. It’s amusing, but not as fantastic as The IT Crowd, which we finished watching two weeks ago. Onward on our quest to find the next awesome Brit-com to occupy our time.


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