not-so-lost files

Today, Lucas was working on and off for hours to recover lost files on the hard drive that somehow got infected by a virus in June 2010.

I lost a good portion of my pictures from 2009 and the first half of 2010; I was devastated, thinking I had lost most of the pictures from Raspberry’s first two years. I was always angry and upset when I thought about what happened to the hard drive (it was my stupidity, downloading a program that I think brought in the virus, without thinking) and mostly, I didn’t want to think about it or have to deal with recovering files. I did contact a number of professional file-recovery places and they all quoted exorbitant rates that went well beyond my meals.

Lucas suggested using free file-recovery software but I was always skeptical, thinking they might not do a very good job. We did try one a long time ago — we plugged the hard drive into an old laptop that worked feverishly for over a day to scan and recover files. And then, Lucas absent-mindedly pulled the plug on the laptop, forgetting it had no battery. Oops. We tried another one months ago. Everything that program recovered was tossed into one folder and sorting would’ve been quite a nightmare.

Today, we used another program that only took two hours to scan and recover the files. And it’s kept the folder names and paths, making it a hell of a lot easier to recover files into specific folders. We’ve been working at it intermittently for hours, trying to recover files that we lost (primarily the pictures of Raspberry), doubling on files just to be safe. There’s still a lot to do in the way of recovery and definitely when it comes to sorting but it looks like we’ll be able to get back a good portion of the files.

Browsing through all the files that were on the hard drive, I realized how many of them seem unimportant now. I couldn’t really care less about most of the files that may once have seemed like a rather big deal (or perhaps, just a moderate deal). Right now, I’m just pretty much grabbing the pictures and being terribly thankful for what we managed to get. We’ll probably have to try doing this again perhaps next weekend and likely try to be more organized in the way we’re going about this. Mostly though, I’m/we’re just beyond excited to have found so many of the files.


2 responses

  1. that’s so exciting! i have all of my photos from when i was an art student that are stuck on a harddrive as well as a whole lot of other pictures and this has given me hope to try to retrieve them. the problem with that harddrive is that it works for a little while but then ejects itself and then the amount of time it stays connected quickly decreases until the computer no longer recognizes it. so i am worried about plugging it in because i might only have a limited time but i really want to try to recover everything i have on there. it’s stressful when i know that i might only have a few minutes because what if i don’t find the important ones right away. and it’s such a tease, knowing that it’s there but just not accessible.

    i have been burning dvds of all of my pictures ever since. and i have a dropbox in which i keep my most important files so i hope that i’ll never have an issue like this again. boo shitty external harddrives!

    January 16, 2012 at 9:42 pm

  2. We used a program called Recuva and I do like the way it’s laid out, although it retrieved ALL the files stored on the hard drive, which may not necessarily be a bad thing either. That sucks that your hard drive only works for a little bit. Have you tried Googling or asking a computer place what the program might be? It’s good that you haven’t lost the files though!

    Years ago, I burned CDs of my pictures as backup, but for some reason, I stopped doing that. Every few months, we back our stuff up onto an external hard drive now. I remember reading about your crappy hard drive, and I remember being fearful that it might happen to me too. We’ve had it for a year or so now and it’s been all right. I thought about putting my pictures in a Dropbox, but it’s crazy how many GBs I’d have to upload. Lucas uses one for all his stuff though. I figured if I had a whole lot of important stuff, online storage is the route I’d go too.

    January 18, 2012 at 3:37 am

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