too much

My first two weeks of the new year have been wrought with illness. First a cold sore that garlic couldn’t help. Then it was what I believed to be the flu, forcing me to spend much of the third day of the year in bed, missing the classes I’d wanted to attend. The following day, I was actually feeling quite fantastic. But alas, how I was sorely mistaken, for not long after, I had an odd sore throat that gave me an excruciating pain in my ears when I swallowed. Little did I know that was a precursor to conjunctivitis. It is worth noting that on Christmas, my sister had conjunctivitis and over the next few weeks, it spread to just about everyone in my family. Before I was struck, I thought I was lucky to have escaped it. So wrong. The conjunctivitis, thankfully, lasted about twelve to fifteen hours (during part of which, I was dozing in nocturnal slumber). But it relegated me to the floor, for fear of spreading it to my two bed-mates. That lasted three nights. It felt alien to be back in bed thereafter, but I got over that quite quickly.

I’d like to think this is the healthiest I’ve felt in two weeks but who knows. There’s been way too much illness happening around here this fall and winter. And winter (if one can even really call it that with the roller coaster temperatures) has really only just begun. Fingers crossed though. Fingers crossed.


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