sick kid

Raspberry was sick with a fever yesterday. I can tell when she has a fever even before she wakes up, because her body gets insanely hot, as do her hands when they cup my boob while she night-nurses. She was pretty much stuck to me all day, except for when I went to the grocery store in the late morning. She napped twice — once on my back for about forty minutes in the morning, while I did the dishes and then started a postcard to my sister, and the next for an-hour-and-a-half in the afternoon. I napped with her in the afternoon, dreaming a strange dream about making nachos in several ovens on the sidewalk beside the park. The kicker was that I’d left Raspberry’s wooden toys in the ovens while they were pre-heating and I essentially lightly roasted them. Ha, dreams are funny. Oh, and my mum announced she was pregnant in my dream too. Very strange.

Raspberry hardly ate yesterday as she kept saying she wasn’t hungry. All she had through the day was some juice, a minuscule square of chocolate, warm chocolate milk and for dinner, a granola bar. I’d made her toast and jam for breakfast but that sat uneaten all day and I had the joy of having it for my breakfast this morning. Lucas said today, “so all she ate yesterday was chocolate.” Um, yeah, I’m a bad parent.

We watched music videos on Youtube after our afternoon nap and I realized that Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal video is not appropriate viewing for a three-year-old. Oops. I took her to the library in the evening because we had to pick up a DVD on hold. She delighted in the fact that we were out in the dark; she almost never goes out when it’s dark because she’s in bed. She dicked around on the computer while I got a nice reprieve after having toting around a warm kid all day. I thought she’d go to bed at her usual time, seeing that she was sick and all, but she couldn’t sleep (thank you, nap) and was awake even when Lucas came home early from work. She finally crashed at nine pm and I was beyond relieved to get some time to myself, but by then was too tired to do anything productive. She was snoring loudly when I went to bed and I fell asleep with one hand over my ear.

Raspberry seems better today, although she’s been a bit whiny and has acquired some bossy tendencies that seem to emerge follow illness. Her appetite isn’t entirely back yet — she mostly picked and poked at her lunch and dinner — but I’m sure she’ll be better soon and eating us out of house and home again.


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