glazed eyes

My eyes are glazing over from staring at the computer screen, because I’ve just spent the last few hours reading Flickr discussion groups and browsing eBay for compact film point-and-shoot. I think writing about the demise of my SLR’s lens yesterday made me pine for a film camera markedly different from what I’ve been using. Right now, I’ve got a whole lot of cameras on my eBay watch list — Olympus Trip 35s, overpriced Lomo LC-As, Leica C1s and Miniluxes, Contax T2s, a Petri Color 35 and even a Kodak Pony and a Kodak folding camera with bellows. I even found a Konica Hexar AF for sale locally in Toronto (this one is very tempting). I’d much rather find this stuff at thrift stores or garage sales, but I have access to neither at the moment. I usually let the stuff I’m watching slide and that’ll probably happen. Coming to my senses at the end of the few hours, I searched eBay for the exact same lens as my old one. There are some promising ones out there. We’ll see if they pan out. We’ll also see if I get this compact film camera thing off my mind.

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