scene of nothing

This is Raspberry’s contribution to Occupy McMaster. She said it’s a scene of nothing. How philosophical and appropos. I love it.

We checked out Occupy Mac twice last week — on Wednesday and Saturday. Raspberry was initially drawn to them because they had free buttons. And one of the guys talked with her and offered her cool stuff like playdough, markers and a rain-maker. When we were on-campus again on Saturday, Raspberry wanted to go to the student centre and once she saw Occupy was still there, she gravitated instantly to them. The same guy showed her a kids’ book about time (interestingly, a Ladybird book I had when I was a kid!), played with tennis balls and balloons with her and showed her drums and maracas. She asked for the playdough and markers again and drew on construction paper and post-its (one of them being the scene of nothing). I told Raspberry we could go back again this week if we had nothing to do while Lucas is at work and if they’re still camped out there.


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