I thought she was up before seven this morning and would have a brutal day, but it turned out to be surprisingly pleasant. Maybe she went back to sleep, but I have my doubts. We usually hit up the library first thing after breakfast but this morning, she decided she wanted to paint instead. And seeing that we actually had hot water (yay!) and there was an opportunity for a post-painting bath, we said, “why the hell not?” She painted with our quickly-diminishing, somewhat moldy paint (yeah, who knew paint could get moldy, right? And guess what? After the mold, the paint gets all liquidy). She painted (I think) a volcano and meerkat who peed. I don’t remember what it was exactly, so I’ll have to ask her tomorrow. For the first time, she didn’t cover herself in paint once her picture was complete; usually, she gives herself gloves and a lovely coat on her torso. She asked to play with playdough instead of taking a bath. She made a playdough pancake and cup of white milk for me (because there was no chocolate milk). The cup of white milk was three teeny playdough balls stacked atop one another. It was delicious, but got stuck in my teeth. We had grilled cheese for lunch and she asked to have the remaining half of her half-birthday cupcake. I bet that despite it being a day old, it tasted better than my playdough pancake and milk.

We went to the farmer’s market and the central library in the afternoon. The bus was packed, too packed for strollers to board, and some lady boarding bitched loudly about how inconsiderate people are for not moving to the back to the bus. Maureen the librarian had the day off, so as usual, we left the picture that Raspberry coloured with another librarian. This one talked to Raspberry in a cutesy baby voice and said, “ohhhhhh, you’re Maureen’s wittle fwiend.” I wanted to tell her to just shut up and speak normally. Raspberry looked at her like she was an idiot, as she does with anyone who talks baby talk to her. We bought the usual at the market, but no Boston green leaf lettuce this week because it was too small. Raspberry wanted samples from the cheese stall, but they didn’t have the kind she liked, just old cheddar and a spicy cheese. I had to strap her into the Boba partway through, because she wanted me to carry her. We also picked up chocolate milk at the grocery store, where there were samples, much to Raspberry’s delight. It was rippable pizza pieces with garlic dip. We got mostly the crust and it was sub-par, at best, but I think Raspberry liked it just for the fact that it was something different and they were samples.

I took Raspberry to the Westdale library later in the afternoon, because it was Meaghan’s last day today. Meaghan has collectively spent a lot of time with Raspberry this summer, so some closure was warranted. Raspberry made Meaghan a card with some paper bits glued to it, and her and Meaghan’s name scrawled across it, complete with a date stamp (Raspberry loves using it). She was so excited to give the card to Meaghan she ran right into a sign and got a nice temporary red mark on her cheek. She didn’t report her books, like she normally does, but I don’t think any of us really cared. We read the three books she had on hold, but she said she didn’t like any of them, so I gave them back to the librarian. I think she was most entertained watching another librarian put up new decorations on a bulletin board. Monotonous and boring for the average person, television for a three-year-old. We finally said bye to Meaghan and it wasn’t as long and drawn out as I’d expected. I suppose kids this age aren’t cognizant of the finality of certain farewells. Clarkey, the eighteen-year-old neighbourhood cat, said hi to us. I wasn’t aware of his presence until he meowed and descended the porch steps to be petted, except that he was always slightly our of arm’s reach to do so properly. Raspberry, who was on my back, wanted to pet him too, but couldn’t really reach him. “Oh forget it, Clarkey, we’ll pet you next time,” I said to the recalcitrant cat before waving bye and heading home. I actually managed to get Raspberry into the shower before dinner and ohmygod, there was hot water. I think this is the cleanest her hair has been in weeks. Dinner was pasta with homemade tomato sauce, avocado, peaches, oranges and strawberries. Raspberry amused herself with a washcloth after dinner, declaring with a big grin that she was feeling sick and then proceeding to cover her forehead or belly with the washcloth. The girl can be too cute sometimes. Unsurprisingly, there was one trigger that made her upset — her wanting a pencil that Lucas was using — and then she was (thankfully) off to bed.

Oh Raspberry, you need to have more of these surprisingly pleasant days. Better yet, just sleep a little longer — like the extra forty-five minutes you had on the weekend — and then I’m almost certain that every day will be pleasant. But I think that’s just utter idealism talking. Good night.


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