cut and paste

Raspberry’s current favourite past-time is drawing pictures on little sheets of paper, cutting them out with a pair of pink twenty-one-year-old scissors (courtesy of me), and then asking for pieces of tape so she can decorate our apartment with her cut-outs. It’s fantastic how she can occupy her time this way, now that she’s mostly learnt how to wield a pair of scissors (actual scissors too, none of that lame plastic preschool crap). I used to be very conservative with tape, because my mum always was and obviously I picked up on that, but we’ve got some shitty Ikea tape that I’m willing to part with, if it means Raspberry gets the chance to be creative, entertain herself and decorate apartment. It’s perfect!

A few days ago, I picked up a free book on the Arctic Coast from the curb. It’s an old book, likely from the sixties or seventies and completely out of character (because I love books and I especially love retro books from that time period), I immediately offered it to Raspberry to collage with. With that, I taught her how to use a gluestick and now, she’s taken to gluing all sorts of paper scraps together. I think all of this started last week when I tossed a few sheets of stickers her way and she started coming up with scenes involving the characters and objects on the stickers (for instance, shoes atop an office chair; or a person carrying a wastepaper basket and holding a drink). It’s interesting to see how it’s evolved into this. I love it. Scissors plus paper plus stickers plus pencils plus glue equals hours of fun. I’m wondering how long this will keep her attention for, or better yet, what’s next?


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