poor camera

My poor dSLR has been inadvertently had it a bit rough the last two days. Yesterday, while it was in my backpack, I discovered a half-centimeter scratch on the LCD screen. I think the scratch is from a plastic set square I had in my bag, that I was going to put in the donation bin. The scratch is pretty noticeable and while it doesn’t detract from the camera’s use, it just annoys me that it happened.

And today, while at the park, Lucas kicked a soccer ball, an completely innocent act. Except that the ball hit me squarely in the arm, making me drop the camera. My back had been turned and startled by the fallen camera and a rather sore arm, all I could do was stare at the grass, my mouth agape. I was about to take an awesome picture of a grumpy Raspberry almost chest-high in tall, unevenly cut grass too. “WHAT THE HELL?!” I spluttered incredulously. He couldn’t help but laugh, and apologize, and assure me that there hadn’t been malicious intent. But seriously, WHAT THE HELL?! The last time I was hit with a ball was in high school and I thought that my days of being a target for wayward sporting equipment were long over. Plus, I had a frigging camera in my hand. Not a dinky little camera, but a dSLR. You should be able to see that large camera a mile away, so WHAT THE HELL?! The only saving grace is that the camera landed in grass. But now, when you look through the viewfinder, there’s a black squiggly line and a random dot that I can’t seem to get rid of. Grrrr. The good news is that it’s not on the lens. I tried cleaning the viewfinder but the line and dot remain, so I suppose I’m resigned to live with them forevermore.

I guess these incidents are marginally better than the time my sister accidentally kicked my camera down three steps and onto a tiled floor. That merely warped the side of the filter, but seriously, poor camera.

Despite this being my current primary camera, I’ve been rather ambivalent about it for a while now. Maybe I just need a new lens (an 18-55mm kit lens is kinda sucky). Or maybe it’s my disenchantment with digital images. Either way, I’ll be hanging onto it for a long while more, since I definitely can’t afford to get a new digital camera, let alone a dSLR, at this time. Oh well.


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