photograph maybe taken

We were at the library this morning when a crazy thunderstorm rolled through. That wasn’t anything unusual, but at one point, around 10:45am, the sky had completely darkened and it looked tantamount to nighttime. The streetlights had come on and there was little, if at all, to distinguish the scene from 10:45pm. It was bizarre and cool all at once. The kids were all by the large window with their parents, watching the rain pour down in the morning darkness. In anticipation of the rain, I hadn’t brought my dSLR with me and all I had was my Smena, a rangefinder that I’m sub-par at using. I pressed the lens up to the window and took a picture anyway, hoping for the best. It was only later, after the sky began lightening, that I realized I probably should’ve used a longer exposure. Oops. The power went out in the library for a few minutes and Raspberry thought it was pretty cool, even cooler than the thunderstorm that she was only mildly interested in watching. She kept asking for the power to go out again and for the emergency lights to come on. I love watching storms and I’ll admit I was disappointed that the darkness didn’t persist and the storm did abate. Lucas, on the other hand, was bored out of his skull while the rain kept us at the library longer than he would’ve liked. I’m sure he was glad to finally leave, about an hour after the dark spell, despite the fact that it was still raining.


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