April 23, 2011

We cut through the field to get to the aviary. The part where we walked through happens to be a wonderful retainer of rainwater. I’d forgotten this from last summer and I remembered the exact moment I trudged through the gooshy muck and the sides of my feet began getting progressively colder and wetter. The rest of the brief trek was spent going “eww, eww, eww” in my head and wishing I’d listened to Lucas and put both Raspberry and I in boots. Outside the aviary, there were all these booths for an Earth Day celebration. One table had birds of prey perched on branches. Raspberry ran up, wanting to pet an owl’s butt. Not a good idea, but I would’ve let her check out the owl if it weren’t for the fact that just standing there, we were both slowly sinking in mud. Of course, the aviary was less than enjoyable in soggy shoes and we weren’t there for as long as we normally are. So much for planning to check out Earth Day stuff. Yeah, should definitely have worn boots — I’m not a fan of mud or wet weather. This spring has been completely sucktacular. All the rain and cold is doing my head in.


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