– Today, I bought 39 rolls of film for $23 from a guy off Kijiji (alternative to Craigslist). This evening, I took stock of all the film I have languishing in my fridge and stashed in the bedroom and realized I have 3300 exposures in total. Prior to today, I had half that amount. I hadn’t realized how much film I actually did have already. Knowing this, I should be motivated to take a bit of a break from my dSLR and use some film. I just need to figure out what camera I want to use, and oh yeah, go somewhere that’s more inspiring than my staid neighbourhood.

– We were at the park this afternoon and Raspberry saw these kids who were in the same storytime session as she was most recently. She wanted to play with them, especially “the girl with the flower jacket,” but they were playing together on the curly slide, which Raspberry doesn’t like going down. Raspberry’s a bit socially awkward and I had to guide her in integrating herself. She went to the top of the slide, clearly wanting to join in, and she’d be about to go down when the other kids would line up behind her, freaking her out and she’d back out. After, when two of the girls, Molly (flower coat girl) and Stella went to the swings, she went over, wanting to play. The girls were draped over the swings and spinning around and Raspberry wanted to do so too, but specifically on the swing Stella was on. I explained to her she had to be patient and wait and the girls offered their experiences with having to wait. Unfortunately for Raspberry, another girl, Jackie, called them over to play, so they took off. The kids are part of a daycare, so it’s no surprise they’re close and want to play together. I felt bad for Raspberry, because she does and doesn’t want to play with other kids. She wants to, but doesn’t quite know how. At the same time, she gets a bit intimidated when there’re too many kids or if they’re too young. Lucas thinks what she needs is a best friend, so she can learn social rules that way. All summer, she would hang out twice a week at the splash pad and park with a little girl named Ava, the same age as her. But Ava started preschool in September and we’ve only seen her very few times since then. Lucas also thinks a structured activity like gymnastics would be great, but my worry is that if I’m there, she’ll just want to hang out with me the whole time, which is what happens at storytime. I do wish collectively that we had more friends. It’ll help with the loneliness and help Raspberry socially.

– I went to the first mom-to-mom sale of the season on Sunday. Raspberry has enough clothes for the next year or so (mostly because she’s still wearing a lot of her old clothes; her current clothing sizes range from 6-12 months to 2T-4T), but I’m going to the sales in anticipation of the clothes she’ll need later. I scored two much-needed bathing suits and a bunch of comfy play pants (I only realized a few weeks ago that the only pants Raspberry goes out in are jeans… not the best play clothes). I really wanted to find some toys (because Raspberry seems quite bored of what she does have), but there was only plastic crap and toys for too-young children. There’re at least three other sales I want to go to, so hopefully I’ll find something eventually.

– I turn 30 on Thursday and have absolutely no plans at the moment for the day. What I’d really like is to go to a museum. But it’s cold (and potentially snowy — WTF?!) and we’re waiting for our free museum ticket (as redeemed using our airmiles) to arrive in the mail. I kinda feel like postponing it to when it’s warmer. Just like what we did to Raspberry’s birthday because she was sick. Oh well, one day to decide what to do.


2 responses

  1. Happy birthday! (Still Thursday here, at least… barely.)

    March 25, 2011 at 4:36 am

  2. Thanks lots!

    March 29, 2011 at 3:23 am

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