new name

These days, my child wants to only be addressed as Meerkat Yow-Fairs Flower Daisy. Unsurprisingly, I have her current obsession with meerkats to thank for that. The latter two names are derived from watching a few episodes of Meerkat Manor and scrolling through a gallery of pictures from the Kalahari Meerkat Project (Meerkat Manor is actually based on this long-term study). She emphatically corrects us if we call her Raspberry. If we try to call her anything cute, like “cheeky monkey” or “boo bear,” she threateningly warns us, “don’t say any animal” after the first word, and screeches loudly (in keeping with her persona, she’s a special kind of meerkat who screeches). She wanted to go by new moniker on a sheet she entered for a colouring contest. When asked what name she wanted to sign up under for the new session of story-time at the library (her choices being Raspberry or her official name, Aurora), she answered immediately “Meerkat Yow-Fairs.” If she could, she’d probably have her birth certificate changed, and likely regret it later. This must be what it was like for Bragelina when their daughter Shiloh wanted to be called John, from Peter Pan. Um, except animal-based. I find it adorable that she’s a meerkat and I wonder how long it’s going to last (the cat thing lasted a good two years). Till then, I’ll just ride the wave and have her be an expert on meerkats.


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  1. LOL…that is awesome. Yea, I suppose she’ll change her mind sometime in the future, but let her have it for now. Very cute. Meanwhile I’m worried I won’t be able to communicate with Sophie since she’s learning Russian words first before English, or Spanish (Nina speaks to her in Russian, I speak to her in English, my mom and dad are pushing me to teach her Spanish) and I don’t speak Russian that well. I suppose Soph and I will learn from Nina simultaneously.

    March 18, 2011 at 3:41 pm

  2. Babies are apparently notoriously versatile at picking up languages, which is why the books always encourage parents to teach a second language early on. There are quite a few parents in my neighbourhood who speak French and English to their babies. One mum seems to speak only Japanese to hers (even though she’s perfectly fluent in English). I’ve heard that some people assume their kids will pick up English as time goes on or when the kid enters school, which is why they’re all about teaching other languages first. I’m sure Sophie will pick up English, as long as you’re speaking it to her :) It’s pretty brilliant that she’ll be trilingual!

    March 22, 2011 at 4:18 am

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