danger sign

This is Raspberry’s sign. It says: DANGER, LOOK UP FOR FALLING WINDOW SILLS.

It’s based on a sign in a book that we read a long time ago, Cat Up a Tree by John and Ann Hassett. The sign in the book reads “Danger, look up for falling cats.” Of course, the cat aficionado loved that sign and we made exactly such a sign to post on our window. Soon, other signs were born. The other ones that have been stuck on our window for months include “Danger, look up for falling ducks/squirrels/Raspberries & babies/meerkats.” Yes, that would be five different signs in total. And today, Raspberry’s joins the others.

It’s her first series of written words. For the past few weeks, she’s been practising writing certain letters. She loves writing certain letters more than others, like F, E, O, C, L, T and I. On her sign, she asked that I fill in the letters she didn’t want to write. For other letters, she insists on writing backwards, like J (“[I] just want to”). With J, I think it’s because when Lucas first wrote a J for her to copy, he accidentally wrote it backward. He was sitting across from her and writing it upside-down, you see. Thereafter, she copied it as such and seems to prefer writing it like that, rather than how it’s actually meant to be. When her letters are legible, I find it quite mind-blowing that she’s begun writing. Similarly, I find it amazing when she’s able to recognize words and spell them. She probably recognizes and/or spells probably about twenty-five to thirty words right now. The best ones are “danger” and “meerkat.” The first times she spelled those, I was quite in awe, since I didn’t actively teach them to her. Actually, come to think of it, I haven’t actively taught her to spell anything. She’s just picked it up on her own (just like the way she picked up our phone number and recited it, unprompted. That was jaw-dropping). I can’t get over how the brains of toddlers and preschoolers work and how amazing they are. Sponges, they so totally are.


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