clothes clothes clothes

I went to the clothing swap yesterday. I was excited and relieved to have gotten rid of a lot of my clothes, but honestly, who am I kidding? I was just as excited to hit up the clothing swap (I’m the kind of person who enjoys going window shopping). I found more clothes this time around than I did last fall:

– 5 sweaters (two of them are knitted sweaters with fantastic big buttons; one of them is too small for me and will get donated, and another has two holes that may or may not get patched up)
– 1 red corduroy blazer
– 2 skirts (one’s a denim miniskirt that I was excited to find, to replace the way-too-short miniskirt I donated; the other is a blue floral-ish skirt from the Gap that I was surprised to be able to fit in because it’s a size zero)
– 1 long-sleeved shirt (it actually looks identical to these pants 6-month-old Raspberry used to wear and I’m glad she doesn’t fit into them anymore, now that I have this shirt)
– 1 smocked top (that’s a little big and needs to be taken in a bit — that’s what happens when a person who usually wears an extra-small or small fits into a top that’s sized large )
– 2 necklaces (both already promptly pilfered by Raspberry)
– 1 pair of gray arm-warmers and 1 pair of brown stripey leg-warmers
– 4 dresses (quite possibly my favourite acquisitions and probably for every other girl there wrangling for dresses)

I was there twice during the four hours they were running. I could’ve been there all day, but I suspect Lucas would’ve been quite exasperated with me if I brought home more clothes than I did. Plus, he was hanging out with Raspberry while I went to the swap and got to browse in peace. I probably would’ve found more clothes, if I’d bothered to look a bit more, but there were certain items I was more interested in than others, like dresses and sweaters. I just gave everything else a cursory look (lots of girls were swarming around the section with the women’s tops too, and I didn’t really want to be in that melee). The clothes are now all sitting in the laundry basket, awaiting a good wash. I do feel a little guilty for getting so many clothes when I’ve just gotten rid of tons and we’re meant to be downsizing, but I figure that if I don’t end up wearing certain pieces, I’ll just donate them back to the next swap in the fall. No harm, no foul.


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