We went to the farmers market this morning, typically a weekly trip that either involves just Lucas or all of us. The market is moving back to their renovated old space and will be closed for the next two weeks, so we had to stock up on food. Getting Raspberry out of the house was a particular challenge this morning. She’s very much a homebody who is adamant about staying home (which frustrates me most of the time), except that once she gets outside, she usually has a good time… well, that is, until the “I want to go home” whines start. But we managed to haul her to the market not kicking and screaming. I was annoyed at myself for forgetting to bring my camera, a rather frequent occurrence in recent months, much to my chagrin. There were several empty stalls, with the remnants of the vendors who used to be there. In my head of course, I was composing [what I believe to be] fantastic pictures and also kicking myself for having no camera on me. I keep thinking about these potential pictures and I want to go back to the market before they close for the move after Saturday. I might do that tomorrow. I just hope that no one’s cleaned up.

We had take-out tonight for the first time in ages. Take-out that wasn’t Subway too. Now that’s a treat. We hardly eat out (read: really, take-out) and if we do, it’s usually Subway, because it’s the only decent place around here and it’s cheap. Lucas suggested a few days ago that we should have take-out because we hadn’t done it in a while and also because we wanted a break from deciding what to to have for dinner and making it. It made us really miss this fabulous Ethiopian place we used to live across from in Ottawa. Good food, cheap and convenient. How can you argue with that? Alas, we’re five hundred kilometres from Ottawa, and the only Ethiopian place we know of here is downtown and holds some odd hours. I’d been craving a burger and fries earlier in the day. But the closest place with burgers has them hugely inflated in price while the more affordable one is a bit of a walk away. So we decided to try this Mexican place in our neighbourhood that opened a year ago; we meant to try it back then, but it was a bit pricey. It hasn’t gotten any cheaper, but it’s a rare instance and it’s a treat. We got these huge hefty chicken burritos (no jalapenos in mine), chips with salsa and fries, ate merrily and saved some for lunch tomorrow. It was wonderful to have a nice break in our routine. Back when we lived in Ottawa, we once told ourselves that we should eat out about once a month to break up the monotony of having to decide what to cook all the time. That didn’t quite happen, but we did eat out more than we do now. It was much easier then, when we didn’t have a little person nor did we have to watch our pockets quite as much. Doing it once in a blue moon now is nice.

Tomorrow, I shall savour half my leftover burrito with some chips and fries and hopefully make it to the market with my camera. Yay!


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